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Title: To-Do List Journal: 100 days of lists
Format: Softcover
Pages: 214
ISBN: 1946097063

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Stay organized and get more productive by planning your days ahead with the TO-DO LIST Journal. The journal
includes 100 days of planning with plenty of room to write down your daily tasks as well as any notes throughout
the day.

There are two pages for each day – enough for 10 tasks with several options to select for each task: personal, work,
to buy, health and fitness, and other. Most to-do lists don’t come with any extra space for notes, and that puts a
limit on how much you can write down. The TO-DO LIST Journal solves that problem with plenty of room (almost a
full page) to write down notes, phone numbers, appointments, reminders, and anything else you need for that day
or to reference in the future. With your to-do checklist, you can mark completed tasks to the right of each task, as
well as track them in the “Page Tag” record keeper in the front of the journal.

Read on to learn about the one-of-a-kind page tagging system from TagIt Journals.

TagIt Journals are the classic black journals that go everywhere. Feel secure having your contact information on
the first page in case you ever misplace your journal. Tag each journal page with the “Page Tag” record keeper in
the front. Tag each page with a date, keywords, and/or topic. Numbered pages help you easily reference all your