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Sandra Graves has an extensive background in technology and publishing, working in a variety of roles from lead designer to managing editor. She is an award-winning author and writer. Her articles and celebrity interviews have appeared in numerous online and print publications as well as being featured on Yahoo. She specializes in writing about photography, marketing, goal setting, journaling, fitness and nutrition, and running. You can locate her journals, planners, and life books at many of the major retailers worldwide. Her novels are available at amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. Currently Sandra is working with manufacturers on a new designer journal line, coming soon.  

Write It Down. Believe. Make It Real. 

Why is writing something down so powerful? When you write something down, it's much easier to remember,
and you’re more likely to act on it whether it's a goal, project, or a simple reminder. Journals and planners help
you gain control of the chaos in your life. They help you focus, create, get clarity, and be more productive.
There are no limits.

If you’re new to journaling or keeping any type of daily log/planner, here are some ideas to get you started.


things to do


daily schedule

project notes


bucket list

fitness tracker

nutrition log

travel diary

business ideas


everyday notes



vision board


motivational quotes


visual thinking