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Psychic Photographer Psychic Photographer

Title: Psychic Photographer
Format: ebook (Kindle, Nook)

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Psychics around the world thought it was an urban legend, a rare 35mm camera that can enable the viewer
to see apparitions. Carly Zane, a professional photographer, discovers the story to be true when her
departed sister, Nya, leaves Carly an unusual, old camera that takes her own psychic abilities to another
dimension. When Katie Emmet, who Carly discovers had died six months ago, keeps showing up in her
pictures, and then appearing in her visions, Carly investigates, with her best friend, Detective Genna
Steinbreck, to see if they can find out why Katie’s spirit hasn’t crossed over yet. When they encounter clues
that Katie was murdered, instead of dying in an accidental drowning as originally reported, the killer comes
out of hiding to stop the truth from being told.


Secret Ties Secret Ties

Title: Secret Ties
Format: ebook (Kindle, Nook)

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She's beautiful, she's dangerously brilliant, and she's utterly disarming. She is Geneva Douglas, an
indestructible agent and businesswoman. Raised to get what she wants, Geneva fights her way to the top in
a world where only the strong survive.

To keep her life from crumbling, Geneva discovers she must put everything at stake in a dangerous world full
of enemies and revenge. She must meet the ultimate challenge—stopping a diabolic adversary who wants to
blow up her hotel during the annual Academy Awards party, and keeping a child that means more to her than
anything else in the world. In SECRET TIES you will meet—Tyler Kane, a lovable little girl who will melt
anyone’s heart…Ryan Walsh, a madman out to ruin the world…Roswell Dean, Tyler’s uncle who is bad to the
bone…Leroy Barlton, Tyler’s low-life foster father…Teri Dawson, a friend who will do anything for
Geneva...James Moore, Geneva’s partner and only true love...

Immerse in a place where all these people come together and confront the truth, lies, and acts of deceit that
tore their lives apart, revealing their enticing passions and deadly secrets.


Palisades Beach    Palisades Beach

Title: Palisades Beach
ebook (Kindle, Nook)

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At thirty-three, Nellie Reyna's therapist tells her she’s having a midlife crisis. So Nellie decides to quit her
high-paying, high-pressure corporate job at an advertising agency in New York and move to Palisades Beach,
California and open a bookstore by the beach—a dream she’s had since she was little. Within hours of
moving into her new house, she meets Lizianne, a housewife who has her therapist on speed dial; Bella, a
thirty-something woman who likes younger men; and Kristine, a twenty-five-year-old virgin. They take Nellie
under their wing and show her that just because they live in a small town doesn’t mean they live a
small-town life. They introduce her to Collin, a restaurant owner and PI, who steals Nellie’s heart as he
entices her to break the law. But it's Amy Fields, the fifteen-year-old pregnant girl next door who really turns
Nellie’s world upside down. Amy decides to run away within hours of having her baby…and the only thing she
brings with her is a bottle of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes. Nellie is just starting her life over and mending
her broken relationship with her sister, but she never imagined she would do it while the women of Palisades
Beach take her on the journey of her life.


Scoop Sisters    Scoop Sisters

Title: Scoop Sisters
ebook (Kindle, Nook)

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It was almost twenty years ago, at age thirteen, when Laney Madison asked her Magic 8 Ball if she would
ever get to see a dead body. After all, what amateur sleuth wouldn’t want to? The answer: YES DEFINITELY.
But she never expected it to take so long, especially when murders and dead bodies were the last thing on
her mind.

The walk through her childhood neighborhood was supposed to help clear her mind; she didn’t expect to be
thrown right in the middle of a crime scene. Reuniting with her fellow Scoop Sister, Emma, the two investigate
the murder of a childhood friend, ticking off their list of suspects.

The Scoop Sisters are enjoying the opportunity to solve a real case (Dad’s missing keys and where Billy Idol
was holed up during his world tour didn’t cut it when they were teenagers). But Laney wants to know if they
will ever find the killer and the missing body. Finding her Magic 8 Ball in the back of her closet, she dusts it off
to see what is has to say. The answer: BETTER NOT TELL YOU NOW.


Across a Crowded Room    Across a Crowded Room

Title: Across a Crowded Room
ebook (Kindle, Nook)

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Jackie, Billie, and Demi—the Parker sisters—receive a letter in the mail about a young girl who was murdered
in the woods near the university they attended years earlier. They are shocked to learn they know one of
the suspects. The sisters, who run the Parker Detective Agency, investigate the murder of this once
promising college student. When they return to Hampson, an exotic locale on the coast of California where
the rich and famous live, they soon find out that the town is not what is used to be. Rich people bet money
on who murdered the college beauty. University students are taking addictive and illegal drugs to keep up
with their hectic lifestyle. And some are fleeing the country to escape the wrath Hampson brings to its
residents. The Parker sisters rush to uncover the truth and stop the wicked games the people of Hampson
like to play.


Monday Girls       Monday Girls

Title: Monday Girls
ebook (Kindle, Nook)

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Lady Luck is at it again, and this time there is no limit to how low she will go to get a story for her weekly
column. She hides in the shadows, rummages through trashcans, and peers into the lives of unsuspecting
women to get her weekly scoop. She hits the jackpot when she discovers the secrets of four women she
calls the Monday Girls.

Monday Girls chronicles the lives of four different women who band together when their seemingly tidy lives
in paradise start to come undone. To their horror, each woman’s secret becomes the source of small-town
scrutiny when Lady Luck exposes them one by one in her column.

The Monday Girls are stripped naked to the community, their secrets revealed for their neighbors to dissect,
but they still manage to find strength in one another. They may live in paradise, but their lives become a
public hell, and the only way to survive in a world that wants to tear them apart is to keep the Sisterhood